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Mantra Massage is a Massage Studio in Torrington offering a variety of massages, organic facials and yoga. We offer traditional swedish and deep tissue massage, hot stone, signature massages and spa day combinations. We also have a variety of unique Enhancers to make each service a special treat. We are open 7 days a week with evening hours available for your convenience. Come visit us today and Let Relaxation be your Mantra.....

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  • Swedish Massages

    This classic massage melts away tension and stress to promote relaxation. The therapists use a pressure ranging from very light to medium with long fluid strokes. This is the recommended choice for those new to massage or those who do not tolerate deeper pressure well. Also a great choice for those with chronic pain issues such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Deep Tissue Massages

    Deep tissue massage uses slow deep pressure to loosen deeper muscle layers and break up muscular adhesions while relaxing tension in the muscles and tendons. The therapist utilizes their elbows, forearms and knuckles to deliver a deep satisfying massage.
  • Hot Stone Massages

    Hot stone massage deeply relaxes the body and quiets the mind. Hot stones are placed on the body to allow the heat to warm sore muscles. Deeply relaxing and great for stress relief.
  • Organic Skin Care Services

    Skin care services using only pure and natural ingredients from nature. We home make all our products fresh. A relaxing and aromatic experience. Our motto is if you can't eat it we don't put it on your skin.
    • Organic Facial 1 Hour $80
      This facial harnesses the power of nature to cleanse, nourish, and beautify the skin. Using only natural and organic ingredients. If you can't eat it then it doesn't go on your skin! Includes steam, hot towels and aromatherapy. Also includes a 10 minute massage of the feet and scalp and a 10 minute rest period while you are masqing.
    • Organic Mini Facial 1/2 Hour $40
      This is a shortened version of our Organic Facial. Includes cleanse, exfoliation and masque. Complete with hot towels and steam. Just the thing if your looking for a quick refresher for your skin!
    • Organic Back Facial 1/2 Hour $40
      This is a facial for your back to cleanse, nourish, and beautify your skin. Uses only pure natural ingredients and includes steam, hot towels and massage.
    • 75 Minute Warm Organic Pumpkin Facial $100
      This facial is available for the Fall and Winter Season only! Deeply nourishing and moisturizing with scents of pumpkin, spices and vanilla it is great for all skin types!
  • Signature Massages

    Looking for something a little different or extraordinary? Our Signature Massages are just the thing to add that extra something to your treatment.
    • Vital Points Massage 45 minutes $55
      A massage that focuses on areas where reflexology points are found. A massage for the feet, scalp and hands.
    • Mantra Massage 90 Minutes $135
      A combination of Swedish Massage, Hot Stones and Aromatherapy to deliver the ultimate in relaxation. The Mantra massage also involves hot towels to warm and refresh the hands, feet, face and back.
  • Specialty Massages

    A few other options
    • Pregnancy Massage One Hour $70
      Massage tailored to the needs of the mom to be. Pregnancy massage is done in a side lying postion and it focuses on areas of the low back, hips, and legs.
    • Table Thai Massage 75 Minutes $90
      Table Thai is traditonal Thai Massage that has been adapted to be done on the massage table instead of the floor. It is composed of rythmic compressions and stretching of muscles along specific lines of the body. Thai massage is good for opening up the joints of the body and allowing free movement of energy.
    • Raindrop Treatment One Hour $90
      The Raindrop Treatment was developed by Dr. Gary Young , aromatologist and developer of young living essential oils. It involves application of nine different essential oils to vitaflex points of the feet and spine. This technique stimulates energy impulses and balances your energy. It also reduces inflammation in the spine, helps to align spinal curves and kills viruses that accumulate around the spinal column.
  • Spa Day Packages

    Indulge and unwind with these amazing combinations of services. We provide you with robes and hot and cold beverages for a truly relaxing experience. Optional break available on the Serenity and Bliss Packages with choice of lunch ordered from local cafes at your exspense.
    • Harmony $115
      90 Minute Service.30 Min Massage, 30 Min Facial choice of your, 30 Min Back Facial
    • Tranquility $160
      One hour Swedish or deep tissue massage and an organic foot scrub
    • Serenity $240
      Three Hour Service. Optional Refreshment Break. One Hour Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. One Hour Facial of your choice. One Hour Raindrop Treatment
    • Bliss $300
      Three Hours and Forty Five Minutes. Optional Refreshment Break. 
      90 Minute Hot Stone Massage. One Hour Facial of your choice. 30 Minute Organic Back Facial. 45 Minute Vital Points Massage.

  • Enhancers

    Enhancers can be added to any service to make it extra special. They do not require extra time and are a great addition if you are looking for something a little different.
    • Revive $12
      Hot towels followed by an Organic Foot Scrub to exfoliate dead skin and revive the feet. We then remove the scrub with a second set of hot towels and massage with a foot salve to moisturize.
    • Restore $12
      Fresh chilled eye pads infused with natural extracts of green tea, cucumber, chamomile and ginger are placed on the eyes and topped with chilled gel eye pads. Also includes a chilled curved marble stone placed under the neck. Especially good for headache, migraine and sinus relief.
    • Respire $12
      A sinus treatment including two steams, essential oils and pressure point massage along with a hot aroma towel for the décolletage and neck. Great for sinus and allergy issues. Can also help to relieve minor headaches.
    • Relax $12
      Aromatherapy in a steam for your massage room and added to you massage cream as well as a hot neck towel infused with aromatherapy to finish. The benefits of aromatherapy are many and will be targeted to your specific needs.
    • Renew $12
      An herbal infused massage oil blend in which 6 different organic oils known to heal and nourish the skin are blended with essential oils to achieve a truly healing massage. We use Young Living Orthoease for this.
    • Sweetheart Upgrade $30
      Our Sweetheart Upgrade can be applied to almost any of our services. This Upgrade is for two people who would like to have their services performed in the same room. We provide you with robes after your service to relax in a private lounge room. We compliment this with a glass of champagne for each of you along with local chocolates. We also have water, tea and coffee available for your enjoyment. A non-alcoholic version of this is also available with sparkling grape juice discounted to $25. We can also provide champagne, chocolate and a robe to a singular person for an enhanced experience for $15!
  • Chair Massage

    Performed in a professional massage chair while the client stays fully clothed. Perfect for a quick relaxation session at our studio. Also a great idea for corporate or social events where we bring the massage to you! (Please see our Travel Fees and costs under "On Site Massage" as the pricing is different)
  • On Site Massage

    We bring the experience to you! Any of the services on our menu are available. Anything from organic facials to couples massage or chair massage for corporate events can be accommodated. If the service location is more then 15 miles from our business address a $25 travel fee will incur for every additional 15 mile increment. Please call with any questions and to set up this service as it is not available for online booking. 
    • On Site Massage $100
      Great for parties, corporate events, employee appreciation and special occasions. Also perfect for clients who may not be mobile enough to come to our location for their service or for busy stay at home moms!
  • New Client Offers

    These services are discounted for Clients who are New to Mantra Massage

Packages and Gift Certificates

  • Black Friday SALE!!! Buy 3 get one FREE!

     Our Black Friday Sale starts NOW! Buy 3 of any of the services listed below and get one FREE! Purchase as many as you like and they don't expire. Sale ends Cyber Monday at midnight.

    • Harmony $115
      90 Minute Service.30 Min Massage, 30 Min Facial choice of your, 30 Min Back Facial. 
    • Tranquility $160
      Two Hour Service. One Hour Swedish or Deep Massage of Your Choice Followed by a One Hour Facial of your choice and an Organic Foot Scrub. 
    • Serenity $245
      Three Hour Service. Optional Refreshment Break. One Hour Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. One Hour Facial of your choice. One Hour Raindrop Treatment. 
    • Bliss $300
      Three Hours and Forty Five Minutes. Optional Refreshment Break. 
      90 Minute Hot Stone Massage. One Hour Facial of your choice. 30 Minute Organic Back Facial. 45 Minute Vital Points Massage.
  • Gift Certificates



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